I Died, God Spoke!

A voice called my name. It took me three or four times to realize someone or something was calling out to me. I finally realized someone was calling to get my attention and asked, “Are you talking to me?” He responded and began speaking to me; I could not believe it.“Can I ask a question?” He was waiting for me to ask, He said. Now I am in complete shock. I have now realized I died and now talking with God or Jesus Christ.I was then given three instructions: to learn forgiveness; find out what is causing my anger (I was told it was medical in nature); and to write, talk, preach, teach, a video, a book. I'm like “What?”I asked if this was God or Jesus whom I was speaking or communicating with. He said, “I am who you think I am!”God told me to “give Him my 100 percent faith, sit back and watch what He can do!”

by Brian Cox

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