I Saw the Glory of God : A Coronavirus Miracle in Brazil

I Saw the Glory of God: A Coronavirus Miracle in Brazil is a story that melts the heart and soothes the soul. Suely Adderley speaks from the heart as she shares with us her family's laughter, their tears and, yes, and the miraculous answers to prayer that always seemed to come when they were least expected.The title, I Saw the Glory of God, is taken from John 11, where we find the two sisters, Mary and Martha, explaining to Jesus that their beloved brother, Lazarus, had passed away several days before and was beyond His help. Of course, we know how the story ends—in this case, Carlos Gonçalves Lemos is miraculously delivered from the “valley of the shadow of death” in direct answer to the humble prayers of his loving family.In addition to the wonderful story of Carlos's journey, you will be inspired by Suely Adderly's straightforward, thoughtful approach to claiming God's promises. I Saw the Glory of God reaffirms the known fact that through His mercy and grace, we have the power to speak blessings and miracles into existence on behalf of people who are incapable of praying for themselves and often are not aware that someone is interceding with God on their behalf. I have found that often, those are the prayers that the Father loves to answer most of all.

by Suely Adderley

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