I'm in Search of Myself...Have You Seen Me Anywhere?

Life IS a participation sport and this book is filled with true life stories. I�ve had innumerable amazing, funny, and unexplainable experiences. I have been protected on this journey more times than I can count. These stories are about love and loss, forgiveness, faith, hope, serendipity, Divine guidance and listening, and just plain silliness. Another great story is my tribute to John Denver, in Monterey.

We are born into these physical bodies to attend earth school and some classes are filled with uncertainty, while others are exuberant. We spend time trying to find out who we are and where we belong. We make plans and at the same time, life just happens. We are all where we are supposed to be, when we get there.

We need to live each day purposefully. Love and be kind to yourself and love and be kind to humanity, because we�re all we have, for now. We need to live, love and laugh equally. Your smile is like peanut butter�you have to spread it around!

Life is like Disneyland in the days of designated ride coupons, with �A� being the least scary. But I suggest you take the �E� coupon ride! So, get comfy and ride along with me.

by Patty Kasian

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