It Is What It Is?

Upon love and its mystery to love someone, no one has a better idea or answer to make love last. This is why Marshall B. Abbott is surprised about his wife and what happened to their marriage, which lead him to get involved with Olivia, a married woman. And then, he met Sarah, a second woman who is also married. This is an unexpected event for Marshall, concerning these two new married women who suddenly entered into his life now.And because of the two additional relationships with Olivia and Sarah, his life became extremely complicated, since he is still trying to resolve his unresolved issues and feelings, which remain for his wife, Jade. She left him with much pain to kill inside, so much so that he could not murder it fast enough in order for it to completely disappear from his system.Since he still loved her, but he could no longer trust her again, when the love he cherished her with is unconditional love, and she betrayed him in the worse way with her adultery and deception. But due to other people who were associated with him and his life, like his best friend, Marcus. Or the crazy bitch he couldn't ditch, Brenda Gentle, who wanted him, or Jason, who couldn't create his own shit to be absolute for nonsense.Or Lawrence, a pure dog, and the husband of Sarah who would definitely screw more than himself over. Then there is the music producer and his girlfriend, Whitney. Their relationship is like upside down-sex with blood pressure. Also, there is another surprise. A third woman in Marshall's life. She is a co-worker on his job. She is Abby, who offered and unraveled his feelings, with a new perspective to finally see things much differently than he did.Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a new and mysterious woman enters into his life. As though he doesn't have enough problems in his life with no solutions, which will continue to complicate his feelings and life even more. Love, trust, obligation, and happiness are no simple solution to a real or sincere relationship that is forthcoming with a new person you meet in your life. Or for the sake of anything about love and your feelings for full disclosure to hope that someone loves you. Like you love them before they eventually destroyed you, and everything that you are and had together.

by Garrison L. Moreland

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