In ages past, legends walked the land. Perseus, Theseus, and the mighty Herakles rescued distressed damsels and slew menacing monsters. History calls them heroes, and I was a fan—that is, until their descendants wanted me dead.

Hi, my name is Kimberly. I'm sixteen, and I'm a monster. I wasn't always. You see, I'm just an ordinary teen whose interests range from fencing to role-playing games to ancient architecture. So when I'm awarded a fellowship that sends me on an archaeological dig in Greece, I'm ecstatic. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to go to Athens?

But when I'm separated from my friends and stumble upon an undiscovered ruin, things get weird. Some paramilitary force shows up, seeking an ancient burial site hidden within. Lucky me, I find it first, and like an idiot, I touch something I probably shouldn't...awakening the spirit of the most fearsome creature to step out of myth, the chimera, and becoming her.

So now endowed with powers I don't understand, my world turns upside down. Myths are real, and the supposed heroes want my head. So to keep from literally losing my mind, I need to embrace my inner monster, quiet the nagging oracle in my dreams, and...ow! What the heck is growing out of my back? Are those wings?!?

My life doesn't just get complicated. It gets mythical.

by Daniel Genovese

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