Less Than It's Worth

Tyron and Tashia went to middle school and high school together. They were so close that their friends called them T and T. Tyron and Tashia lost touch when Tyron went down to Florida for college.Six years later, Tyron is married to Shanell, whom he met in college. Tyron is determined to build a good career for his family after moving back to Topeka, Kansas, while Shanell seems to be working herself further away from Tyron with her new job.Tyron had moved his family back to Kansas, Topeka, to open his own law office. Here he reconnects with his old high school friend, Tashia. While downtown at work, he meets a new friend named Derrick. Tyron and Derrick become sidekicks. Derick begins to tell Tyron about an affair that he's having, which Tyron and Tashia begin to entertain as a soap opera they title The World We Live In. Meanwhile, Tyron finds out that he has a sister.But Tyron and Tashia don't know how close the world they're talking about is to their own world. As an investigation unfolds, Derrick seems to be finally putting his life back in order. Then the unthinkable happens, which leads Derrick, and the company he works for, into headline news.Everybody takes part in the embarrassment and everyone is faced with shame. Not everyone can heal the heartache when the person you so blindly begin to hate is the same person you so openly love.

by Michael Adams

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