Life’s Emotions : Zindagi Ka Ehsaas

In this unique poetry book, you will get the opportunity to explore the art in language. The author, Naleen Chand Lachan, has presented unique poems written in Hindi using the English alphabet to allow the reader to be able to read the poems in Hindi as well as an English version of the poem. This is an attempt to bridge the gap between the emotional content from the Hindi poems since there are expressions and words in the Hindi language that have more depth in emotional context for which words do not exist in English language. Unlike some of the poetry books which translate the poems from a foreign language to English and lose the emotional connection and context to the original poem in the original language, we will not lose that emotional connection in this book. This book explores the depths of human emotions from love, confusion, fear, hate, downfall, rebirth, growth in character, and wisdom. This book is vital for anyone to read during the COVID-19 pandemic and the riots to see that we all are human and we all have human emotions. This book was created to help people with day-to-day struggles and life experiences as well as for someone who appreciates language as an art that is capable of seeing the beauty behind the Hindi language and being able to understand it in English as well in poetic form. We hope that from this book, the reader can take away something meaningful in some way from one or all the poems written by Naleen Chand Lachan.

by Naleen Chand Lachan

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