Listen To Them

I love animals. I love animals, and I am painfully aware of their relentless disenfranchisement in the face of the continual advancement of civilization. Recently, we all were reminded of this disenfranchisement when it was pointed out that some areas of our civilization, having been vacated by humans due to the pandemic, have seen animals once more venturing out into places they once called home. Granted this advancement of civilization is necessary given our hunger for continual progress. But sometimes while busily reaching out for that that is before us, we sometimes tend to ignore, minimize, and even cast aside that that is beside us. Should we have the good fortune to have a relationship with an animal, perhaps our pet or one we accidentally come across, strengthen that bond, however brief, by giving ear and even an eye to its side of that relationship. Listen to them and consider. Perhaps not with a tree but surely with humans and with pets, every true relationship should have a value that lasts even unto death. This book is meant to encourage such an eventuality.

by Charles A Faulkner

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