My Encounter With Two Angels

I lay in bed many nights over the years, asking God, "Why was my life spared so many times? What is my real purpose in life? Why did two angels save me?" I remember going to church and hearing people say God spoke to them. I didn't really know how God would speak to me, but I learned over the years. When something positive stays on my mind constantly and won't go away, I know God is trying to speak to me. I have a strong belief in God.This book is about my encounter with two angels at age twelve and the transformation that took place decades later in prison. I have spent decades in prisons and juvenile detention facilities most of my life since age eleven.Have you ever seen or spoken to someone, and they were gone in a second? The event or situation left you very confused, and you weren't sure what just happened. And when you told someone, they didn't believe you or thought you were weird or crazy. You are not alone.There are other people who have experienced the same thing. The event that happened to me sixty-one years ago was my secret until now. I told a few people what happened to me, and they didn't say anything. I could tell they didn't believe me.There are five times in my life where I knew for sure that I was going to be killed or die.There have been many other times in my life where the situation could go either way, which I will mention throughout this book.I hope this book will help people who had experiences like mine and just don't talk about it because no one would believe them. I hope that sharing about my being molested at five, my issues with abandonment, and steps I was able to take to heal will help others heal too.I will start this book by going back to as far as I can remember, which I believe is between four and five years old. All these events will intertwine as the story unfolds.God has kept his two angels around me my whole life, and they're still with me today.

by Joe Jackson

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