My Two Cents: Dating, Relationship, and Marriage advice from a Male Perspective!

My Two Cents is a book I started over a decade ago while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, during the days and nights I could not sleep. I was experiencing so much turmoil, and this book is a direct reflection of ideas and opinions from a man's perspective (from my heart) of what is necessary to be said or done within a relationship. These opinions are solely based on my experiences over my lifetime, which, as a result, shed light on the possibilities of sustaining growth, maturity, love, and support throughout friendship or a relationship. The chapters currently written do not cover everything, but it is a synopsis of the many attributes, values, and morals that are needed to be considered to defeat divorce or breakups. Furthermore, this book is filled with relatable content to help readers understand the importance of being who you are as well as accepting others as themselves. In order to grow and not hide behind a mask, one must unmask their true identity and live their truth.

by Deondre Long

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