On Greenwood We Grew

Back Cover SummaryMy mother's motto for life was “If I ever knew the answer or truth, I would never forget it.” I still don't know where that saying came from, but I like it anyway and have mentioned it countless times myself. I would need to figure out what it meant for myself because she never gave me the straight answer but instead a smirky smile and a nod. I knew. For us, as well as herself, Mama always attempted to raise the bar in every possible way of life. As I have grown older, I can't help but think back and feel those emotions and perceived situations. At that time, she was correct on every most every level. Failure was never an option but instead an experience that would lead to a better outcome if it presented again. Happiness and truth are partners; they allow us a reason to do better the next time. Resilience, as we were taught, is the more important event in any part of life. I am a lot like my mother. I see perfection as a continuous or tireless goal in life. If you make a mistake, grow up, own up, recover fast, and try not to repeat that some effort. Other than a few minor changes, that same matrix Mother used as her life coach is also stuck into my head. I am proud of the love of life and my family vision and the need to improve. And with all the opportunity to accomplish my goals, I think Mom's purpose was and is mine.

by Charles Livingston

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