On The Other Side Of The Mirror

Robert Bellam's debut novel, a psychological thriller, On The Other Side of The Mirror. Henry battling his addictions and mental instability, stalks a woman who rejected him. Although a violent man, you will see deeply into his soul and psyche and come to, perhaps, understand him and how he came to be. On The Other Side of The Mirror is a compelling piece of fiction.

Mr Bellam's, On the Other Side of the Mirror, is a neoclassic tale of a split personality that has all the trappings of Norman Bates on steroids. Henry, his protagonist, will frighten the daylights out of you because he could be anyone you meet.

— Tyree Campbell, Managing Editor

Hiraeths Publishing

From the opening scenes to the resonate finale of, On the Other Side of the Mirror, Mr Bellam's psychological thriller takes you on the wild side of the criminally insane, yet there are moments that reveal a glimmer of Henry's humanity.

—Terrie Leigh Relf,

Author of Sisterhood of the Blood Moon and others

Robert Bellam in his suspense thriller, On The Other Side Of The Mirror, has beautifully crafted an extraordinary insight into the psychotic mind.

—Steve Sassman,

Physician, Author

On The Other Side Of The Mirror is a superb psychological thriller. Robert Bellam has crawled into the psyche of a deranged man to show us his twisted perspective. What a unique method of offering humanity to a horror story, and what a page-turner. I could not put it down once I started it.

—Ron Milburn

Screenwriter, Author of Riddles—The Hunt for Dillinger's Loot

On The Other Side Of The Mirror explores an alter ego, which is a reflection of a troubled consciousness. Robert Bellam has shown his protagonist in a raw natural state, conflicted, disturbed, and a true image of an altered mind. One which seldom wins. This is a great read and beautifully written.

—Robert Scalice,

Physician, Author, Poet, of In a Vial of Glass

Robert Bellam's debut novel is fast paced, surreal and graphic. On The Other Side Of The Mirror portrays a disturbing look into the mind of a character who has access to sharp objects. Thank goodness it's fiction. Once I began reading it, I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book.

—Vern Connor,

Author, Historian, of The Coolest Guy in the World

by Robert Bellam

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