One Cold Summer

Back Cover SummaryOn the day of his father's funeral, Richie Morgan is greeted by a surprise mourner: his brother, Nick. After vanishing nine years earlier following the death of their mother, Nick Morgan has finally returned home to the idyllic peninsula of Door County, Wisconsin. Richie, wary of his brother's intentions, is suspicious of troubled Nick's sudden return. After a disastrous funeral, Nick is invited to stay at the behest of Richie's wife, Lana, who is determined to not let the brothers become divided for another decade. During their shaky reunion, Nick discovers Richie and Lana face severe financial problems that could destroy any hope they have of a stable and happy future. Nick, using skills he learned in his time away from home, hatches a dangerous scheme that could help Richie and Lana overcome their problems and earn enough money to start their lives fresh in only one night.As Nick plans his heist, the estranged brothers attempt to repair their broken relationship while learning secrets and truths from both of their pasts that shape their ideas of each other and themselves. As the night draws near, Nick's plot becomes even more perilous as the brothers, Lana, and Lana's best friend, Kimi, are thrust into the middle of an unforeseen situation that puts all of their lives in jeopardy. Over the course of one cold summer, the brothers will learn what they would do for the only family they have left and for a chance to move on from the past toward a hopeful future.

by Robert J. Cowles

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