When the offer to make an appearance as a guest commentator on a national syndicated news program was left on his voice mail, who knew that accepting it would lead to all this? Within almost a year, the life of renowned child psychologist Ellis Daniels has been on a trajectory that he never saw coming. His unique style of analytical deduction has gained national media attention, and his televised debates with detractors have continuously gone viral. But behind the sudden rush of fame and success lies a struggle to deal with the pain of a devastating divorce and a tragic family loss.His life is forever changed when a colleague brings to him the case of Nahshon Carpenter, a withdrawn and morose teen who exhibits unexplained and paranormal abilities.A bond is formed between the two. As Ellis begins to unravel the mystery of Nahshon's abilities and the trauma behind them, he discovers that there are other forces aware of Nahshon's abilities who plan to exploit them for their own hidden agendas.Probability is the thrilling story of fate, the people entwined within it, and the struggle among those who would seek to capitalize and control it.

by Anthony Huey

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