Protecting Her Peace: A Novel

Brooke Heberling is a shining force of love, truth, humor, and hope. Her story is a testament to the power of an unbreakable spirit and steadfast faith.--Jessica Flint, Founder and CEO of Recovery WarriorsA must-read: Ruby Blue's dive into darkness is heart wrenching; her journey to find peace within herself painful and relatable, but worth the struggle as her rise into the light is inspiring!--Rita Herron, USA Today Bestselling AuthorRuby Blue is as fascinating as a storm rolling in through a majestic mountain range: powerful, reckless, and remarkably beautiful to witness. She's fought her way through two life-altering heartaches, a sixteen-year battle with a debilitating eating disorder, and a running addiction that nearly took her life. However, it's her husband's simple, promiscuous proposition to her best friend that makes her question everything. As a mother, she wants to continue to do what's best for her two children, but with her marriage dangling by a thread, right now, she's just desperately trying to stay afloat in her recovery and not fall back into the comforting arms of the disorders that almost killed her years ago.Although the odds of success are tremendously stacked against her, Ruby refuses to give up. Her strength, bravery, and intentionality are a reminder that we all have the capability to overcome incredible obstacles. Her humanity, humility, and humor are proof that we don't have to navigate them perfectly to succeed in living our truth. Ruby Blue's not just a character in a book. She's the embodiment of anyone who's ever been brave enough to go toe-to-toe with their childhood traumas, defy the toxic body image ideals of society, and fight for freedom from addiction.Brooke Heberling's first novel will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and applaud, all while inspiring you to fight to protect your own peace.

by Brooke Heberling

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