Quarter Life Quest

Arising out of the weathered sands on the Oregon coast Quarter Life Quest takes you on a journey from murder and despair to redemption and hope. An intricately woven collection of true events are told in a voice rarely expressed in modern literature, that of a single mother. By the light of day Hailey works and raises two small children. By night she is entangled in a heated romance, all while struggling in the raw aftermath of her murdered best friend. Hailey is on a quest for justice while also hoping to gain the self-confidence to pursue her dreams.

Join Hailey to complete her first new year's resolution in thirty three years. Frustrated with her stalled life Hailey decides it is time to tackle her dream of becoming an author, so she commits to writing each day for an entire year. Open her journal and be transported by intimate thoughts as she attends a murder trial, travels to Costa Rica and swims with wild dolphins.

Hailey and Josephine were assigned roommates in college who became inseparable best friends. Like a double cherry attached to one stem they thrived in each other's presence. What they didn't expect was once their paths separated they would begin to shrivel. Over a seven year period Hailey watches Josephine's esteem being shaved away by her boyfriend and then husband of five short months. The abuse like a chronic illness wears Josephine down until her husband plots her demise for a million dollar insurance policy.

When Hailey receives a letter stating that Josephine was killed in a tragic accident she immediately knows it was murder. Only one month prior to this death notice Hailey got divorced, her father, grandmother and beloved cat all died. She is caught in a tsunami of tragedy that is threatening to drown her. The drive to expose Josephine's killer and prove that life can be joyous spurs Hailey to write and transform this dark period. When an unexpected opportunity to swim with wild dolphins arises Hailey jumps at the chance to fulfill a lifelong desire. Days before she departs Josephine's mother informs her that it was also Josephine's childhood dream to swim with dolphins. Despite horrific odds this quest will having you laughing, crying and embracing why you are alive.

by Hailey Lake

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