Random Manipulation: The Beginning Of Omniscient Quad 4

Inconsiderate actions toward a mysterious old lady frees an unwanted entity that was subdued within her for unexplained reasons. Now this unknown entity's main purpose is to cripple the existence of life by abducting innocent lives on the day they were born and disband the process which led to the uprising of Omniscient—the All Knowing and Guardian over each divine purpose.

Norelle mourns the loss of her friend Cardi, who was the first to be abducted by this entity during a surprise birthday party. Mentally tormented by this unforeseen event, Norelle embraced a journey tailored genetically for her bloodline and soon realizes the responsibility she elected—she could not face alone. So she pursued help from her friends Megan, Tracy, and Cory—with the aid of a unique armor designed for this purpose—to arrange a plan that would put an end to this dreadful curse. However, she and her friends may have taken on more than what the rules will allow them to bear. Unless these warriors can discover the problem that's blocking the uprising from occurring, they will continue to experience a span of random manipulations.

by Anthony J. Williams

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