Stories from a Rearview Mirror

Stories from a Rearview Mirror follows the life of a boy, raised at the bank of the Danube River after World War II.

This covers seventy years of some of the most turbulent events in history: fascist and communist dictatorships, revolutions and wars, and how he became a man during it while balancing studies, sport careers, family and work. Stories from a Rearview Mirror tells of how he carried out his escape plan to flee the Iron Curtain and to reunite with his lost father in the United States while experiencing some major milestones both of his life and of humanity.

Having finally settled in California, his chosen occupation as an international trouble-shooter took control over his life and guided him into large international projects over five continents. He lived and worked in every econo-political system in over 20 countries ranging from Alaska, Patagonia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Venezuela, South Africa, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Canada, and Kuwait. Despite the hard blows life has thrown to him and his family, he maintained his sanity and went on.

All the while, he maintained his good humor and dedication to his favorite things in life: cats, women and espresso coffee.

His perseverance paid off at the end, having found friends, peace, happiness and love.

by Ernest Kiss

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