Story of a Life

Story of a Life is book is based on a series of events and problems going on in the world, and it is written in poem form. I want to be able to reach people who are or have struggled with these problems. I want you all to know you are not alone; I have struggled with many of these as well.

I hope that with this book, you may find comfort and understanding of people who are struggling with these emotions or circumstances. I only wish to help people understand that mental health is important. Also, our actions and choices affect others around us. This book does not promote violence in any way.I just want to bring comfort to those who have struggled or are struggling in life. We can all use a helping hand or a voice once in a while. I really hope you all enjoy this and are having a wonderful day. There is going to be a second book coming sometime soon, and this reaches deeper into emotional experiences. With all that said, I hope you all are well. Keep your head high and keep pushing on for you all matter in life.

I am not a doctor by any means, but I have struggled and watched a lot of people in my life struggle. If you are struggling, look to friends and family for support please. I promise you are not alone. To all my readers, I hope this book truly helps. Have a wonderful day.

by Amanda Reid

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