'T was in Dixie

In sitting down to write this historical novel of our Civil War, I have tried to include a number of points in order to convey an interesting story, while at the same time supplying accurate historical dates, places, etc., etc.. But yes, you may well conjecture, "you are a Southerner". Yes that is true, for I am no less than a Southern Partisan to the very marrow of all my old bones. I feel that I was truly blessed to have been fashioned from the tough dirt of this, our Old South and yes, to me and to all the folks I know, it will always be the Old South. For the valiant Confederacy of these Southern States comprised the very last Christian nation as this our technically -spiraling world spins through these last sands of mortal time. These words which I have written may indeed offend a few but then again, real Southerners around the world will easily understand them. I do believe that many folks, who love freedom and the slower, old days of living, where grace and love and courage existed aside from the coarsening which is so prominently a part of these latter says, will enjoy it too.

by T. Harper Wilkinson

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