Tanner's Trail

Tanner's Trail is about the life of an extremely caring, intelligent, and loving young man with severe medical issues after being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age nine. The story follows his journey from the little boy who loved every teacher he had in grade school to his goal of straight As through high school.The accounts of Tanner's desire to always be the best including his dedication to his education, the discipline it took to master the art of bodybuilding, and the athletic ability to learn to water ski and snowboard at a top level. His determination to accomplish all his goals never waived.As Tanner aged, his diabetes continued to worsen, and the many medical emergencies took a toll on his overall health. A bout of pneumonia while in college put him in the hospital for the first time. He suffered a shoulder separation, and the pain was extremely hard to control. As he dropped out of college and came home, a downward spiral continued with the death of a close friend, a second hospitalization resulting in his extreme mental problems, and finally his tragic death at the age of twenty-two.

by Shirley Kolodejchuk

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