Tell Laura I Love Her

Not since Love Story and Endless Love has there been a more compelling story of young love

Now for the first time after fifty years, you will know the story of Tommy and Laura. A gripping tale of young love, first love. Their story first told in the 1960s hit song “Tell Laura I Love Her.”

Their undying love for each other and the tragic faith they met with and what they each lost and what they were willing to give up, to get it back.

The sorrow, the pain of young love, and the consequences of young adulthood.

Fifteen-year-old Laura Avery anxiously awaits her sixteenth birthday. A pretty small-town girl with wavy blond hair very witty and somewhat clumsy, Laura is a daydreamer spending most of her summer days sitting beneath the two-hundred-year-old tree that she shares her every secret with dreaming mostly of the day she will meet that special boy and fall in love as do most soon to be sixteen-year-old girls.

When seventeen-year-old Tommy Ford moves in across the street her dreams begins. From the moment she first laid eyes on him, her heart raced with excitement, however young Tommy Ford had but one dream of his own, to become a world-class race car driver.

You will follow their lives as their fondness for each other quickly turns to true love for them, their first love, young love.

Follow them through their ups and downs, mishaps and their sorrow, as their young lives unfold only to end in tragedy that neither could have expected.

Their story turns from humorists, cheerfulness to the reality of life, and then beyond the unimaginable.

You will laugh and you will cry, then you will be bewildered with shock on the edge of your seat turning page after page in anticipation as to what will unfold, an inspiring story of true love. A never-ending bond between two young lovers. A love neither wanted to end, a love they would not give up on. A love they were willing to give up everything to have.

Laura's left with to make the choice of her life a choice no one should ever have to make.

She sits watching for the shooting star as she did every night to make her wish only now she must ask herself.

What would you give up to get back what was so wrongfully taken away?

What price would you be willing to pay?

Would you go beyond what is imaginable, inconceivable within the human mind, into the darkness of the unknown where there is no element of time.

You will laugh joylessly with Laura and you will cry as you fill her pain, you will rejoice with her triumphs. But in the end you will question her, and you will judge her and you might even condemn her.

For Laura, GOD works in mysterious ways as with Tommy a miracle can only give him once last chance to keep the love of his life. A miracle, Tommy's miracle.

by Garry Dean Stoy

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