Tenants of Terror: Analyzing the Spread of Radical Islam to the Western World

While we are busy viewing the Taliban and ISIS as our main threats, there is this hidden army just waiting to wage war with us right next door to our major cities.

—Tenants of Terror

A straightforward analysis of the history and development of Islam and its radical factions, Brenden Pumphrey sheds light on unpleasant answers to such questions as “What is radical Islam?” “What do these radicals believe?” “How prevalent is this threat?” “How can we tell the difference between a radical extremist and a member of the peaceful majority?” “What is happening now?” “Why are these things happening?” “What are the solutions?”

Since its inception, Islamic extremism has waged bloody conflict against all those that dare to stand in its path. Seeking to untangle and explore the inner workings of these extremist groups, Tenants of Terror has developed beyond its humble beginnings as an undergraduate thesis into a comprehensive study of the dogma, plans, and methodology of radical Islamic terrorists within our society. It addresses why the threat of terror and Sharia has not been addressed by our governments, and most importantly, this manuscript reveals how we can stop the growing tide of radical Islamic extremism before it is too late!

by Brenden Pumphrey

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