TEOTWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It

You have come to the same conclusions that many before you have reached—that this nation and the world are in BIG trouble. You are afraid for your family's safety, security, and survival. This is not your average prepper's manual. This one will teach you the skills you need, the things you need, and how to do the things you will need to do. It will also teach you to think more critically about those issues in front of you.You will learnPreparing a Bug-Out BagMake your emergency pantryChoose and ready your Bug-Out LocationHunker Down In PlaceElectricity—how to make it, store it, and use itWater, Energy, Motors, HousingWeaponry, Tracking, and EvadingGrow your crops using innovative techniquesTrain to protect yourself and your familyGather/store the information you will needPrepare goods and food for long-term storageAcquire the knowledge you do not haveAnd much, much more

by Thomas Moore

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