The Adventures of EMMA

When William meets Emma, she is famished, dehydrated and barely alive, having run away from an abusive owner. Although a vet suggests putting the dog down, William takes her into his household, along with his wife and two huge dogs. As the months pass, Emma gains more confidence and independence. After Emma regains her strength, she is excited to explore her new surroundings. She ventures out on her own. Upon seeing her return one day, William turns to a visitor and concedes, "That's Emma being Emma." Each adventure is a new experience for Emma, whether it is by herself or accompanied by William or William's wife Molly and one of the dogs. Emma learns that every person brings new perspectives and lessons. If you look beneath the surface, you will see the true heart of a person. Some people are unkind like her former owner, while some people are really special like William and William's friend Elijah and other people whom she meets along the way.

I looked down briefly and then back at the dogs that towered over me. Kasey, standing a head higher than Beauregard, suddenly barked. Startled, I jumped and tensed my muscles and then wagged my tail. I yipped back. The two dogs both opened their mouths as if they were laughing at my pathetic little bark.

As soon as I heard Beau's name, I was alert. It sounded like Molly and Beau were going to the ocean for an adventure, and I love adventures. I quickly got up from my blanket and hurried to stand beside Beauregard. I looked up at Molly and whined my best plaintive little whine. Molly looked down at me and frowned. “Emma, you poor little thing. You sound so sad.

Do you want to come with us?”

by Richard Spinney

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