The Covenant of God: Divine Unity

Humanity is currently standing at the threshold of the Kingdom of God on earth, promised by Jesus the Christ, and brought to fruition through the Revelation of the second Advent of Messiah ben David. Soon the winds of chastisement will blow fiercely across the land and all that was spoken by the Prophets of old will come to pass.

Civilization has become weighed down by the perversities of the human race. Like a cancer; prejudice, greed, self-interests, hatred and war, have, for too long, spread it's sores among the people, dividing the human family and robbing the spiritual powers latent within. Bent with despair, the people of the world long for hope from under the corruption and unjust policies of those who have power and authority over them.

The people of the world are in need of the understanding of God's purpose for humankind as provided within His Covenant, a Covenant given long ago unto Abraham The Covenant of God offers the reader a clear, understandable and compelling look into the history of this Covenant. It explains how this Covenant, beginning with Abraham as a two-part Covenant, is fulfilled in our present age.

The hope for all humankind is our obedience to this Covenant of God and to Divine Law that in reality provides true freedom. This essential fact, for the peaceful co-existence of all peoples and nations cannot be argued against by the philosopher, politician or cleric.

by J. Daniel and R. J. Konczyk

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