The Crimson Rose Book One of The en'Devoran

Queen Felanya of Devora has never known defeat, whether on the battlefield or within diplomacy's twisting halls. Instead, her undoing comes when an accident nearly kills her youngest daughter, Etherea. Though blessed with the Lady's divine gift, Felanya's magic cannot heal the girl's shattered mind. With Etherea all but lost, the distraught queen withdraws from her kingdom, her family, and her faith. She orders the Lady's Temples closed, their radiant candles extinguished.

For six years, Felanya's enemies reign. Devora's high council rules unchecked, fattening their purses and sapping power from the throne. Meanwhile, the Patrim, missionaries of the Lord, desire more than just Felanya's gilded chair. They raise a cathedral to the Lord in the heart of Devora, its shining spires luring people away from the Lady's darkened dome.

Felanya remains oblivious until the birth of a new daughter awakens her to the possibility of hope. She rises, her faith renewed, and vows to return Devora to glory. But her enemies have tasted power for too long to allow a resurgent queen. The forbidden ritual sacrifice of a gifted child will summon the means to defeat Felanya, but what rises is something far worse. One does not kill the Lady's Chosen without consequence.

As a deadly spirit of vengeance stalks the realm and opposing swords are drawn, Etherea stirs, her sight filled with nightmare visions of murder and fire.

by Daniel Genovese

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