The D Class

At the park, Mike took Jenny into one of the dugouts beside the ball field. Here, for the first time she let him touch her. As the evening grew dark, they half sat and half lay on the bench in the dugout just kind of making out. Suddenly Jenny jumped to her feet.

“Shit, Mike, who's that?” she let out in a loud whisper.

Mike stood just in time to see a man disappear into the tree line behind the ball field.

“Shit, Mike, that's that man. He was just standing there, watching us.”

“C'mon, Jen, let's get out of here.”

They ran through the park, adjusting their clothes on the way. Mike looked back several times as they ran. The stranger was gone. They stopped on the sidewalk outside the park.

“Holy shit, Jen, how long was he standing there?”

“I don't know. Let's just get outta here. I'm scared.”

“Hell, me too holy shit.”

“We should call the police.”

“Yeah right, and tell them we were making out in the dugout. Let's just get outta here.”

Mike and Jenny walked away from the park, hand in hand, both looking back often. They stopped behind the Laundromat.

After a kiss and a hug, Mike headed down the alley. Jenny felt her heart pound as she rounded the side of the Laundromat. She stared down the street for any signs of a strange man, ran across, and in the front door of her house.

by Stephen Douglas

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