The whole idea behind this book is to accomplish two things: (1) bring God into the hearts and minds of people (those who have not yet formed a relationship with him) and (2) introduce some of the great works of God in literary form. Though the book was written to attract readers of all ages, it is important to use it as a tool to groom the young, most of whom find it difficult to understand the Bible or do not read it at all.

The book is presented in an orderly manner with a tight interweaving between all sections; so when someone reads the book, he/she will find it to be cohesive, reader-friendly, and at the same time interesting that they will feel compelled to reread the book over and over again.

Personally, my favorite sections are sections 4 and 13, "Is God Really as Great as They Say" and "Road to the Future." What I like about section 4 is it describes through the book of Job the immense power of God (his omnipotence), and what I like about section 13 is it describes the tree of our life and highlights some of the conflicts being wrestled in present-day American life, and it provides a vision for the future. But there are other sections that readers will greatly appreciate because of the information they provide (e.g., "Creation of Man," "Higher Order," "Fruits of the Holy Spirit," "Faith and Fear").

I define this book as one that is power-packed.

by Trevtee

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