The High Lonesome

Bill's StoryBill Curry leaves New Albany, Indiana, after killing his abusive stepfather. In search of a new life, he meets two mountain men, Jim Kelly and Red Sampson, who take him under their wings and show him the ways of becoming a free trapper in the high lonesome. And to him, living with the Lakota Sioux and a new wife, Raven, the daughter of chief, Red Hawk.Ron's storyRon Baker, an orphan, was left with his uncle and aunt to raise. He dreams of stories he had heard of a breed of men who trapped the Rocky Mountains. He, at age sixteen, decides he would leave the blue ridges of Virginia and travel to the jump-off point at Independence, Missouri. As fate would have it, Bill and Ron are brought together to start a life of adventure and lasting friendship with the Lakota.The story will hold your interest from the first page to the last.

by John Collins

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