The Mascious Factor

One frosty autumn morning the quiet was shattered by a craft of unknown origin as it pierced through the clouds with an apparent rush to find a better place, leaving a broken world behind. Those hopeful escapees would indeed find a new place, but unbeknownst to them it would not be without its own peril: it would show them wonders, both amazing and terrifying beyond imagination. As the ship seemingly winked out of existence, it burned a path underneath the skin of the universe towards its waiting destiny…fate was building up to an inevitable collision of good and evil.

The four fearless explorers will encounter new and fantastic types of life, new and gruesome mechanisms of death, along with mind blowing degrees of beauty and revulsion. Amidst a whirlwind of tribulation, they will find a strength within themselves and with assistance from some new-found friends and allies they would battle a foe more callous and repugnant than Hades himself. If Mascious is not defeated their trip to find a better life will be cut dreadfully short.

by Matt Pettifer

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