The Predictably Unpredictable God

Have you ever questioned why God takes so long at times to answer a prayer? Or why He does things for some people much faster than He does for others? We know that He's made many promises to us, and we also know that He's good for His Word. So from that standpoint, answering our requests should be a very predictable thing, shouldn't it?

If you're like me and so many others who make requests of God and have had to wait long bouts of time for them to be answered, you can get to where you question if your prayer will be answered at all. But in my life, I have had situations where my prayers were answered many years before I knew it and have also seen where many were answered in ways that I would never have suspected. Ways that can make a person shake their head in wonder. However, when we take the time to really look at how things played out from a kingdom perspective, I feel things become more clear and are easier to understand.

I feel these types of things as well as others demonstrate just how unpredictable God can be. But they can also show how much thought God puts into remedying our situations.

With that said, the intent of this book is to help build faith and at the same time give more hope, by seeing things from a kingdom perspective. It had that effect on me while God was giving it to me, and I hope that all who read it will be blessed in the same or even a greater way.

by James J. Carlin

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