The Prophecy: The Blood War Over Humanity

The saga of the DeWitt and Dubois families continues, fighting against all odds with friends and foes alike to fight for the balance of good and evil over all of humanity. Now, it's possible that God's left-hand angel Jonathan DeWitt and Esmeree Dubois are missing and presumed dead. Generals on both sides are jockeying for a place at the head of the table for power. Bloody power confrontations are mudding the waters. What next, who next is the question. Jessie, Johnny, and Michael have to maintain their strengths together, but Jonathan's generals and council members want the three of them spread into three groups along with a small handpicked party to finish the mission in order to end this annihilation

of all human life as it is on earth. Time is of the essence if the prophecy is to be fulfilled. Three parts of the prophecy have to be completed and the ceremony of Life and Death has to be consecrated in Mexico in the City of the Dead. Along the way, new friendships are formed and bonded, but it seems Sirius still has his council members infiltrating, gathering information, and undermining all bonds of trust. Satan has his foot soldiers striking and leveling all known sanctuaries that the twins, Michael, and their soldiers could go to and regroup together, but each group has to make it to Mexico independently. Every step of the way is done with a sharp eye and even sharper knives. Death is stalking their every move, and there is no room for negotiations or parlays.


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