The Rotten Apple: How the Teachers' Union Destroyed Our Schools

Mr. Pirkle has a degree in mathematics. He was an emergency substitute teacher for over three years, teaching when regular substitutes weren't available. During that time, he taught all grades from kindergarten to twelfth grade. This included teaching advanced placement classes and special education. Appalled by what he saw, especially in grades 7 through 12, he began attending school board meetings and making suggestions on how to improve the schools. He also wrote "The Pirkle Report" for his local paper, trying to explain to the public what was going on.

The school board refused to even consider his suggestions, suggestions coming from a man who, unlike the school board members, had actually been there in the classroom. He realized that the school board was afraid to make any changes that might upset the teachers' union. This book will show that the teachers' union actually controls and runs the schools.

So Mr. Pirkle decided to write this book to show the public and, particularly, the parents what is going on in schools and why we can't solve the education problem. His suggestions are in this book so that the reader can judge for themselves.

Mr. Pirkle believes that more money is not the answer; rather, we need to improve the learning environment. Schools have to be more serious and more professional, and less social and less fun. His solutions cost no money. He feels that this is the problem since everyone involved wants more money and are not interested in discussing free solutions.

This book will open your eyes.

by Bill Pirkle

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