The Storm: A Little Dog and Miss Kitty (The Tailless Cat) Adventure

We all know there are different kinds of storms in life.

Children, just like Little Dog and Miss Kitty (The Tailless Cat), only know that storms are noisy and scary.

In this adventure, The Storm, Little Dog and Miss Kitty (The Tailless Cat) discovers what it means to be prepared, where their safe place is, and how important it is to use their listening ears.

We can also see that Grandma and Grandpa were prepared for the storm and how that made things easier.

In this adventure we learn the following:

• Where their safe place is

• How important it is to listen

• How Grandma and Grandpa knew when it was time to go to their safe place

• How Grandpa found a way to help them to not be so scared.

• Once in their safe place, they learn that even though the storm seems scary, there are things you can do to make the scary seem not so bad.

• That in the morning the sun will come up and the storm will be a distant memory, and that the lessons they have learned will help them forever.

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by The Grandma

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