The Trail of Wisdom

Another scared little fawn sprinkled with water into the Lutheran Church. But that wouldn't last too long. For eight years, I attended a Lutheran school situated in the middle of the city. For the last three years, I could have attended a public school which was only one block away, but instead, I traveled miles and spent hours upon hours killing time or waiting for buses. Back then, every day of my life was an exciting adventure. I could run fast and far! Then came two years at Lutheran High School. They kept putting smart kids in the seat next to me, and I had excellent vision. But then all of that changed when I got caught cheating and distributing answers. They caught me by using a college test instead of the usual high school test level. But instead, I caught the staff grading on a curve and using dumb students such as myself, quaintly peppered about, to lower the curve, hence helping marginal students achieve better grades.

Sitting in my electronics tech college class on that fate-filled day, I heard my birth date, and number 35 is what followed. I didn't know how to react. My brother had been drafted, and now me too. But my electronics teacher broke me from my stupor when he said in his air force voice, “Get your ass down to the Army Reserve Center and sign up now, right now.” So I did!

I was sitting in my barracks in Fort Polk, reading the book of Revelation because of the reports I heard that languished after the Six Day War. I read it nonstop for three years until I heard that Hebrew is read backward compared to English. The most that I could glean from my fruitless endeavor was that Revelation 10 was a depiction of Tyndale's King James Bible coming to America. So I read from chapter 22 backward to chapter 1, and to my surprise, I found patterns repeated where the same poetic words are used to justify the event prophesied. Seven years later, I finished my book An Apocalyptic Interpretation, which is more or less a very rough draft compared to the expansive interpretation that I am privileged to now.

Yet my poetic spirit was still far from me until December 1980 when John Lennon was shot and killed by MDC, who initially claimed that Jesus Christ entered his room at night and directed him to kill John Lennon. MDC's story changed many times after that according to which doctor he manipulated into believing it. His initial claim was that Jesus willed it, and that piqued my interest, especially because the Bible was first and foremost on his display of lusting after the martyrdom of John Lennon. I had been reading John 1316, where Jesus couldn't get His disciples to understand that He had to die and that they would die too, but in a very special way. Whoever would kill Jesus's disciples will think that they are performing God's divine servicelatreia.

Truly, I had seen the power on the edge of the double-edged sword of poetic prophecy. They are words with two meanings. They are words that deal with very sensitive issues that can bring healing in one verse and destruction in the next. That is ‘The Price of Wisdom”!

by Jeffery White

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