Throw Away the Key: Book 1 The District Effect

King Wesley Xentir and Lady Elena Zephyr's betrothal merged their respective kingdoms together to create the nation of Zurek. After four people committed heinous, unimaginable, and unforgivable crimes, King Xentir created the District, a place for all the criminals to be placed so they did not continue to wreak havoc. King Xentir gathered up everyone with a criminal record, regardless of the infraction, and contained them in the District. Each week, various discarded supplies and scraps of food were sent to the District after the people of Zurek were done with them.

Fifteen years later, Prince Ganon Xentir, age fifteen, prepared to be crowned king of the nation of Zurek on his sixteenth birthday. He strived to figure out what his legacy as king should be. His quiet life shifted gears when he woke up in a cold sweat from a bizarre dream about the District. Meanwhile, the District inhabitants were muddling along with minimal supplies essential to basic care. The children of the four main criminals that led to the District being created—Aeron Godfrey, Nyah Van Sciver, Ethan Waycrest, and Diggory Ascelen—did what they could to appease their criminal parents to no avail. The four of them continuously went out of their way to try to keep from being kicked out of their homes by disgruntled, disappointed, and hard-to-please parents. With the help of his friends, Prince Ganon must tackle making changes to the District.

by Kelsey Young

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