Time Trials: H333

Enter a reality where one man has total control over the Earth, past, present, and future. A man with the power to control even the thoughts of any and all he chooses. His power restricted only by the need to avoid the relentless pursuit of ARGO, who possess the same technology but need Terrance Newton Tupnic's ability to fully access the power he has mastered. ARGO, the government agency Tupnic worked for, will stop at nothing to capture and imprison him and his elusive group.

Now genetically altered by the alien equipment he inadvertently activated, he and his friends start a journey through time and alternate dimensions.

Join them on the first adventure of a series that takes a group of unlikely companions from obscurity to wealth, seclusion, alternate realities, and possibly, immortality.

Take the first steps with them and join their travels!

by John Allyn

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