Ulysses Lives!: A Dystopian Novel Set in the Very Near Future

It's 1984 meets The Odyssey!Blake DeKalb is homeless and unemployed. His life is now a never-ending and fruitless job search. Everywhere he looks, a camera is pointed at him. Everywhere he goes, a security guard appears out of nowhere to inform him he can't sit there, stand there, or smoke there. He's constantly subjected to a distrust that is “institutionalized, inescapable, all-encompassing, never-ending, government mandated, and married to technology.”He also dreams of a date with an attractive volunteer he met at the soup kitchen. All his friends say she's out of his league. And everything happens against a backdrop of wailing sirens.One day, a drug-induced vision allows him to communicate with both George Orwell and Ulysses.“I told you so,” is Orwell's message.“What can we do about it now?” asks Blake.“Do what I did,” declares Ulysses. “I've been through this before.”And the two of them thrust Blake into a leadership role, one he doubts he can assume.Will he lead the next American Revolution? Will he inspire hundreds to lash out against the “Camera State?” Will he rescue his city from the clutches of authoritarianism? But more importantly, will he get the girl?If you're one of those who thinks, “Those cameras are there to make us feel safe. There's nothing anybody can do about them, whether we like it or not. That's just the way it is,” read Ulysses Lives!, and you'll think again.

by Markas Dvaras

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