What's in a Snowflake?

This is a true story. It's a semi-autobiographical reflection of a life lived well. While reading you'll find yourself reflecting on your own life giving the text a personal connection. The author's passion for cutting detailed paper snowflakes is used as an analogy to life, tying each of its separate cuttings into a beautiful overall picture. The snowflakes within the pages are also amazing and will have you hunting for unexpected silhouettes hidden in each unique pattern. Here is some unsolicited feedback from readers of this book.

“I have to say, this book is a keeper. It is a lovely thought-inspiring book on so many levels just like the actual snowflakes.” C. Robertson

“Your snowflake book was a captivating read. You need to continue your thinking and writing about people and things. You have wisdom that is uncommon; keep sharing it!” M. Jensen

“I loved and lived your book!! Congratulations on capturing the essence of life in so few pages. A wonderful tribute to your parents and your life.” L. Babcock

“Just finished reading What's in a snowflake. It's packed with life lessons' relatable stories and wonderful writing. Loved the story line throughout and how he brought it all together at the end.”

R. Ross

by Lewis E. Johnson

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