What the Heck Happened?: Tales of Trips, Travails, Traumas, Tours, Triumphs, Transits, Treks, Truths, Traipses, Trip Ups, Tasties, Treasures, and Touristy Tips As Told by “Typical” Traveling Tattletellers

For the last umpty years, upon our return from trips/vacations/adventures, our friends have waited with bated breaths to learn what we'd gotten ourselves into after realizing we seemed to be unable to travel without incident. This always leads to recalls from us, often with wild hand gestures. They have respectfully allowed us to go on and on about what we'd gotten ourselves into most recently. Now, maybe our friends were just being nice, but they have been nonetheless reinforcing these little humorous slices off the norm. In and of themselves individually, no one of these tales is terribly exciting. However, in a collection, there certainly was plenty of material from which to draw!

To legitimize the stories, I felt they intimated teaching moments. Hence, I included "touristy tips," and lest it should be too terribly boring, Tasties wandered their ways in with the stories.

by Robin Dohrman Ayers

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