X Vector

Gorgon Rea, a retired soldier now living life as a posh rapper, is called out of his retirement by the president of the Galactic Confederacy to defend humanity and its most advanced colony on Earth, Resurgence, from an alien invasion one last time. He hires Lucy, a young Tethesian from planet Torthin, to help him defeat the insurgents. The duo bicker across space, encountering a band of communist disco space pirates, a cult worshipping a retro video game console, a sassy ship AI, and Nazis. Things get spicy and the mission quickly becomes one of vengeance when Lucy's parents are kidnapped by the aliens. Will Lucy save them? Will Gorgon find repentance for all the communists he's killed? Will THE PLANE WALKER ever stop drinking hard liquor? The fate of the Oibahn Sector lays in their hands…

by Kyle Burch

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