You, Therapy

The year 2020 has been kind emotionally, financially, or psychologically to few; Rodger Deevers, a four-decade depression sufferer was not fortunate enough to be among them. Three months into a global socioeconomic dumpster fire, Rodger suffered is first episode of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), leading to a major mental setback, where he ended up three pickles short of a tater salad, colloquially speaking.

You, Therapy begins directly after Rodger's first experience with PTSD and follows his daily journey on the uphill unpaved goat trail toward recovery. Rodger works through his thoughts and feelings by speaking with you, facilitating a freedom in expressing his viewpoints. Early in his journey, Rodger is forced to do something that he had hoped he would never have to do again—get therapy.

Along the way, Rodger is introduced to mindfulness, which he will initially discount as flute-inspired hokum, but will soon come to realize how essential it can be in managing depression and anxiety. Meditation and contemplation will soon become a significant factor in changing Rodger's life for the positive.

Rodger uses his humor and vast experience with depression to offer a glimpse at what life is like for a depression sufferer and to shed light on a variety of topics germane to the condition of mental illness today. As time passes, Rodger works through therapy and encounters personal stresses that challenge the progress that he has achieved.

by Rodger Deevers

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